Buyan032 – Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Buyan032 Features

What is special about Buyan032?

1.  Buyan is a Robotic vacuum cleaner that cleans your home floor automatically.
2.  Buyan Sterlizes the floor using UV cleaning
3.  Buyan has Infrared sensors to detect obstacles, staircases, etc thereby ensures safe operation
4.  Minimal power consumption and eco-friendly
5.  Buyan is a bagless vacuum cleaner. Dust disposal is very easy.
6.  Buyan collects dust particles(including fine dust), food particles,  pet hairs, etc. By maintaining clean            floor you can reduce pests and allergies
7.  Easy to operate, even kids and toddlers can operate buyan
Buyan is self charging / automatic charging.
Buyan can operate even during powercut*.
Buyan can run continuously over 90 minutes 


11Noise is less than a normal vacuum cleaner and is within accepted standard.
12. Buyan can be scheduled to operate at a particular time everyday helping you maintain a clean household  without any intervention. This can be done using Automatic 7 day schedule feature.
Using full go mode Buyan can be made to operate automatically once it get chargedfully.
Effective cleaning under tables, sofas and beds
Buyan can be operated using remote
If required you can direct your cleaning to a specific area using remote.
17. Spot cleaning possible
18. If you do not want buyan in a specific area you can create a virtual wall with the device we provide with Buyan
19. Buyan is a High tech model with a reasonable price
20. Buyan Pricing includes taxes, shipping, tool kit & 1 year warrenty.
21. Overall Buyan would be another member in your household who would clean without any fuss.

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