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Turmeric Powder

Turmeric powder, a bright yellow powder is made from the rhizomes of turmeric. Turmeric is useful for its colour, flavour, cosmetic and medicinal properties. In India turmeric took major part in Ayurvedic medicine for skin disease and wounds. Turmeric powder used in Indian dishes to impart a rich yellow color. It is used in beauty products and spiritual ceremonies.

Prepare turmeric powder at home is better than buying outside shops. Most of them contains artificial flavor and colors using chemicals.

Dry the dried turmeric  in the sun for some hours. Grind them in flour mill to a fine powder. Don’t grind turmeric root in a mixer grinder.
Spread the ground turmeric powder on a sheet  and allow it to cool for a while.

Store the powder in an airtight container and use it. Transfer the powder to small container for your day to day usage.

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